Shopping Guide

RC Printer Kit



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HSP parts

Getting the right HSP parts shouldn’t be a problem as each part has a unique number.

With this one exception of HSP 108015:

The new HSP 108015 are stronger and more reliable. If you got the old ones, don’t worry, they will fit too.


Reusing RC parts

from Robak v1

Most of the non-printed parts you can reuse but there is one you should replace unless it works good for you.

Many users consider this Blue ESC to be unreliable and inefficient. It can blow your motor and burn your fingers.


Power system

If you already have a motor or a battery which is different from the recommended one, check alternative setups and find the right pinion gear for you.

  • Make sure the battery and the ESC have the same connector

Other parts

This kind of things I usually buy at local hardware and RC stores.