Non-Printed Parts

Non-Printed Parts #

Not all Robak components are 3D printed. The drivetrain depends on popular HSP parts, which are available online from AliExpress or at local hobby stores. You have the option to choose between purchasing a kit or sourcing the parts yourself.

Parts Short List #

Before you dive into the comprehensive Bill of Materials (BOM) and all its options, start with a look at the essential components of the Robak. This overview will help you identify the parts needed for assembly.

RX & TXDumboRC X6 + X6FG
LiPo2S or 3S 5000mAh
LiPo ChargerIMAX B6
ESCQuicRun 10BL120 G2
MotorQuicRun 3652SL G2
ShocksInjora 100mm
Wheels12mm hex
DrivetrainVarious HSP Parts
Bearings10x15x4 and 5x10x4mm
FastenersM3 bolts and nuts
Shock OilSilicone Oil (1k cSt)
Diff OilSilicone Oil (100k cSt)
Gear GreaseSynthetic Grease
Steel Rods2x 500mm d=⌀3mm
ThreadlockerMedium strength (blue)
othere.g. CA glue, DS tape

Self Source #

The BOM is updated regularly and features links to parts, which is why it’s maintained as an external document on Google Sheets.

Before you order, check the configurations to make sure you’re getting the right stuff.

There’s also a presentation with more hardware details right here Robak Info .

Once you’re done with shopping, check out the printing guidelines.

Printing Guidelines

Kit #

You can buy Robak 2 kit from our buddy, RCPrinter .

Review the kit against the BOM to ensure all parts meet your needs, as there are a few more expensive and better alternatives you might want to consider when sourcing components yourself separately. For example: shocks.

rcprinter kit

Robak by Miłosz Nowak is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 4.0